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Dr Julien Lopez, specialist foot surgeon in Nice and Cap D’ail, is responsible for treating and operating all of your foot and ankle conditions.

Surgical specialties

He specializes in minimally invasive and percutaneous surgery, as well as sports trauma. You will find on his website information related to all foot and ankle conditions, and you will be able to learn about the different solutions available to you.

Conditions are numerous when it comes to the foot, and it is essential to consult quickly for rapid management. Thedoctor and foot surgeon, Julien Lopez takes care of all patients wishing to regain freedom in their mobility and eliminate all feelings of discomfort related to their movements.

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The conditions taken care of by this foot surgeon in Nice and Cap D’ail

All conditions can be taken care of by this foot surgeon in Nice and Cap D’ail. Indeed, there are many problems related to the feet, but for each of them, Dr. Julien Lopez can prescribe a solution.

One of the most common disorders a surgeon treats with foot surgery is a bunion and its different forms. It should be noted that 30% of the elderly population suffers from bunions, and more than 90% of women. Bunions do not always require an operation, but it is inevitable in some cases. In the particular case of " bunions " or " bumps on the foot ", he performs micro-invasive and percutaneous surgery. Read more

Many congenital disorders must also be treated by an orthopedic foot surgeon as soon as it becomes uncomfortable. Other conditions can occur during our lifetime and often in the context of sports.

This surgeon works on toe fractures, or even ingrown toenails which are very common in patients, creating inflammation on the skin of the toes.

For each of these conditions, Dr Lopez will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution and will be able to carry out the treatment or operation.

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Looking for the best results from this foot surgeon in Nice and Cap D’ail

In order to benefit from the best results from this foot surgeon in Nice and Cap D’ail, he will be able to offer you a minimally invasive surgery according to your foot pain. Dr Lopez receives patients from cities other than Nice such as Monaco, Cannes or Corsica. Even if you live far away, preoperative and postoperative adaptation can be implemented through teleconsultation in order to speed up the after surgery and limit travel.

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An appointment with a foot surgeon in Nice

To make an appointment with this foot surgeon in Nice, you can go to Doctolib and see his availability. Consultations take place at the “Le Régina Medical Center” or at the” Institut Niçois du Sport et de Arthrose”.

An appointment with a foot surgeon in Cap d’Ail

Since 2021, Dr Lopez no longer works as a foot surgeon in Monaco. In order to ensure continuity of care, he now consults at the Cap d'Ail "Health Center" located at: 120 avenue du 3 Septembre. Appointment scheduling is available via Doctolib, via the website or directly by telephone, 06 71 00 19 23. In case of additional questions about your condition, you can email at "".

Dr Julien Lopez, a foot and ankle surgeon

Dr Julien Lopez is a specialist foot and ankle surgeon working in the South-East of France. For all his patients, he pays particular attention to specific monitoring of the condition with which they are confronted with.

Having completed his medical studies at various universities in France (Aix-Marseille, Rennes and Tours) in which he chose to specialize in foot and ankle surgery, he now seeks to support his patients in returning to a life of comfort and mobility. Read more

Specializing in sports trauma injuries, this foot surgeon is also an expert in the tendons, muscles and ligaments, treating the vast majority of conditions of the foot and ankle.

So, whether it is an office consultation, or an operation in the hospital, this orthopedic surgeon specializing in the foot and ankle in Nice and Cap D’ail is ready to consult you, to talk about your condition. So, if you want to make an appointment with this professional, please visit Doctolib, or make your request directly on this website.

Testimonials from our patients

I consulted Dr. Lopez because I had pain under the forefoot following an operation for hallux valgus. I was in pain especially when I was running. Dr. Lopez was able to explain to me, in a very professional and knowledgeable manner, the causes of my pain. He clearly explained my condition to me. We discussed the different treatment options. We are trying to avoid surgery but if my pain continues I will have to have surgery...

Franck O.

Excellent surgeon, very good feedback from patients. A friend's daughter had a problem with her foot, she had been in pain for months and several orthopedic surgeons were consulted, after lots of examinations they did not find the cause. She consulted Doctor Julien LOPEZ who established a diagnosis and found the cause.

Annick P.

Dr. Lopez is very pleasant and competent. He explained my problem to me well as well as the natural progression. I would recommend him.

Laura R.

I had a problem with a ruptured tendon in my foot that went unnoticed for 3 weeks even though I went to the emergency room several times. I went to see Dr. Lopez. I would say that he is: clear, benevolent, available and listening. He explained everything to me and then I had the operation. The treatment was quick considering the urgent nature of the problem. He was reassuring about the surgery. He explained the post-operation process to me very well. For the moment, I am almost 2 months after the operation and I am starting to walk slowly again. Dr. Lopez was available, even by phone.

Betty P.

I went to see Dr. Julien Lopez because I had a bunion on my foot. It was hurting me and preventing me from wearing heels. He performed an operation to straighten the toe. Now, it has been more than a year and I have been able to start running again.

Paola B.
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