Pathologies of the foot are by far dominated by damage to the forefoot. See the source and treatment of pathologies of the forefoot below

Forefoot illustration
Image Bunion surgery
Bunion surgery

Bunion (or "bunion") surgery is handled by Dr. Julien Lopez near Monaco, in Nice and Cap d'Ail, near Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and Saint-Raphael.

Ingrown toenail surgery

Find out how an ingrown toenail surgery is performed . Dr Julien Lopez , foot surgeon, shares his experience with you.

Image Claw toe operation
Claw toe operation

Before considering claw toe surgery with Dr. Lopez, you need to understand its causes and know how it can be treated to avoid surgery.

Image Morton's neuroma operation
Morton's neuroma operation

Want to know everything about Morton's neuroma and its operation ? Dr Julien Lopez explains everything there is to know about this anomaly.

Image Surgeon specializing in the bunionette of the foot
Surgeon specializing in the bunionette of the foot

Dr Julien Lopez , exclusive foot surgeon, explains everything about the treatment of the foot bunionette and for the operation of the Quintus Varus.

Ingrown Fleshy Nail Bud

Do you have a sore ingrown fleshy nail bud? Doctor Julien Lopez accompanies you and adapts the necessary treatments.