A specialist surgeon near Cannes

If you have pain or deformity in your foot, Dr Julien Lopez will consult by appointment any patients who are looking for a specialist foot surgeon in Cannes or a foot bone surgeon in Antibes.

Our job is to establish a diagnosis of the various pathologies of the foot and ankle, to inform you about the possible treatments and when necessary, plan a surgical intervention and to ensure its follow-up. If you are looking for an orthopedic foot surgeon in Cannes or Antibes, do not hesitate to inquire and make an appointment with a foot specialist. Dr Lopez works in the privately but you also have the possibility of making an appointment in the public sector in a hospital with an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle.

Particularly attached to sports patients, Dr Julien Lopez has the qualification of "sports doctor". This dual qualification allows him to have a quality medical and surgical approach. In the event of an injury in the field of sport you can request an emergency consultation in order to be taken care of as quickly as possible! In this case, we will accompany you to quickly resume your sports activities thanks to a network of health professionals and without risking a new injury.

Ever more innovative techniques are appearing, which is why our teams continue to train regularly to take advantage of technological and medical advances, always in the patient's interest.

If you are looking for a toe surgeon in Cannes or Frejus, you can make an appointment with Dr Julien Lopez who also specializes in bunions. This doctor can welcome you in consultation in the west of Nice in order to provide you with information adapted to your pathology and to explain the different therapeutic solutions to you.

Finding the best foot surgeon in Monaco

When you have a foot problem such as difficulty putting on shoes or disabling pain for several months, it is normal to search the internet for the most suitable person for your care. Many will search the internet for the "best foot surgeon in Cannes" or "best foot surgeon in Antibes" but it is essential to find out from those around you or from patients who have had surgery because the best feedback comes from the patient himself and his experience.

Foot surgery is particularly demanding. In just a few years, with the emergence of minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques, it has become a specialty in its own right.

It is normal to want to make an appointment with the best foot and ankle surgeon. It is never easy to choose a practitioner that you do not know. The experience and success of a surgeon is due to the work and merit of the surgeon. It is important that you have confidence in your foot bone surgeon in Cannes. For many years, Dr Julien Lopez has performed exclusively foot and ankle surgery.

You will find on our website the answers to your questions to understand your pathology and the possible operations. You can make an appointment with an orthopedic foot surgeon by calling the secretary or directly via Doctolib.

An excellent foot surgeon?

It is not for him to judge, but Dr Julien Lopez is a foot surgeon who can take care of your pathology and provide you with the necessary care.

Dr Julien Lopez treats pathologies of the front part of the foot such as bunions, Morton's neuroma, ankle osteoarthritis or Achilles tendon ruptures.

In the presence of a pathology requiring an operation, clear information will be provided to you before and after surgery.

It is easy to find a foot surgeon in Cannes by searching the internet. Be careful, however, because not all orthopedic surgeons are hyper-specialized in foot surgery. Such a specialist will explain to you precisely what is the cause of your suffering and, if necessary, all the details of the surgery.

A real foot specialist surgeon

After making an appointment with a foot surgeon, the first consultation will focus on establishing a diagnosis. In this context, it is sometimes necessary to perform x-rays to support and confirm the diagnosis.

It is by the beach, in an idyllic setting, that you can find Dr Lopez in Cap d'Ail. Dr Julien Lopez worked as a specialist foot surgeon in Monaco but since 2021 he has been operating exclusively at the Saint George’s clinic in Nice.

Whether you have a problem with your foot or ankle, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is important to know the different treatments available to ensure your full recovery.

If you have an ingrown toenail, you can first consult a podiatrist (pedicure care) or a dermatologist. If the ingrown toenail persists, then it is best to consult a toenail surgeon to provide you with information on the surgical possibilities as well as the post-operative consequences. To make an appointment with a foot surgeon near Cannes, call 06 71 00 19 23 or make an appointment online at DOCTOLIB.