Hallux valgus operation: what price?

Doctor Julien Lopez performs the hallux valgus operation: what is the price of the intervention and is it reimbursed? Dr. Lopez is a foot surgeon who specializes in the Hallux Valgus operation in the south-east of France. He performs percutaneous and minimally invasive surgery to treat pathologies of the foot and ankle.

Percutaneous and minimally invasive surgery of hallux valgus is a surgical technique that aims to correct the deformation of the big toe using small cutaneous incisions. It realigns the bones and joints of the big toe by performing bone cuts or soft tissue corrections, while minimizing trauma and accelerating recovery.

This approach is less invasive than traditional open surgery, it is usually associated with a reduction in postoperative pain and a shorter healing time. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of the hallux valgus operation.

Hallux valgus: the operation and its price

Do you suffer from hallux valgus? The operation and its price depend on several factors.

Hallux valgus surgery, also known as bunion surgery, is a surgical procedure to correct the deformation of the big toe caused by an abnormal deviation of the metatarsal-phalangeal joint.

This procedure improves the function and appearance of the foot, reduces pain and avoids potential complications. The surgical technique used depends on the severity of the deformation and the specific needs of the patient. The price of a hallux valgus surgery varies depending on several factors, such as the geographical location, the reputation of the surgeon, the technique used and the complexity of the case. On average, the price of an operation for a hallux valgus varies between €750 and €3,000 (except in the case of private insurance).

The prices of a hallux valgus operation performed by Dr Julien Lopez

The price of a hallux valgus operation may vary depending on the specificities of the patient’s pathology as well as the surgical technique used.

Since Doctor Julien Lopez has a contract with Sector 2, he is entitled to exceed his fees. Exceeding fees means that the rates fixed by the practitioner are higher than the Social Security convention rates.

For Area 2, the physician is authorized to exceed fees but is required to post their rates in the waiting room. The usual cost of a transaction for hallux valgus is 500 to 1000 euros. Rates for private insurance are based on a personalized quote on request.

Hallux valgus surgery: the price of the first consultation

As part of a hallux valgus surgery, the price is freely fixed by the practitioner. The vast majority of liberal surgeons are covered by sector 2 agreements and can therefore exceed their fees. This first appointment includes several steps including:

For a first consultation with Doctor Julien Lopez, the price is 85 euros to 100 euros. For post-operative consultations, the price varies between 60 and 80 euros. Dr. Lopez also does video consultations in the range of 60 to 85 euros.

If the first appointment is prescribed by a health professional, Social Security covers the consultation up to 35€. The other part of the sum may be reimbursed by a health insurance company.

These fees are provided for information purposes but may vary depending on the type of care performed during the necessary appointment(s). For fee overruns, Dr. Julien Lopez notifies his patients beforehand, if necessary.

Operation of the hallux valgus and reimbursement of social security

What is the support for a hallux valgus operation? The reimbursement of Social Security is total. As mentioned earlier, most surgeons, like Dr Lopez, fix their own fees.

In France, the management of the hallux valgus operation is comprehensive. Universal health protection (PUMA) allows anyone living or working in France to be reimbursed 100% of their health expenses. However, excess fees are not covered by Social Security. The remaining costs after the operation of the hallux valgus vary between 0 and 1200 euros depending on your mutual contract and the reimbursement of excess fees by the insurance company.

Hallux valgus surgery: reimbursement of fee overruns

It is possible to obtain a refund for excess fees, as part of a hallux valgus surgery. To do this, it is necessary to use health insurance. Depending on the contract to which the patient has subscribed, he can expect a partial or total reimbursement of excess fees.

Among the possible reimbursement levels, the patient can then obtain 100%, 200% or 300% of the excesses and up to a full reimbursement of the actual costs (full support).

Orthosis for hallux valgus: what’s the refund from Social Security?

For a hallux valgus orthosis, what’s the social security refund?

The wearing of an orthosis is usually necessary and precedes the surgery of the hallux valgus. A plantar orthosis is intended to correct the posture of the foot and thus to relieve certain points of support. It is important to note that wearing an orthosis cannot correct the deformation of the foot.

How much is a hallux valgus orthosis?

For a hallux valgus arthroplasty, the price may vary depending on the model, brand, size and features offered. There are two types of hallux valgus orthotics:

Corrective orthotics: these are used to gradually correct the deviation of the toe and reduce pain. There are corrective orthotics for the day, designed to make the foot more free, and night orthotics that have the particularity of being thermoformable.

Protective orthotics: these reduce pain and protect the hallux valgus from possible friction with the shoe.

The amount of an orthosis can range from ten to sixty euros, depending on its particularities.

Valgus hallux orthosis and reimbursement

Under certain conditions, orthotics and orthopedic soles are reimbursed by Social Security. Orthosis is part of the list of medical devices reimbursed by Social Security at an initial reimbursement rate of 65%.

This rate is however likely to change given the new draft decree, the rate would then be 50%. From now on, you must go to the doctor before you can expect a reimbursement of your orthopedic equipment by your health insurance.

To obtain all the necessary information regarding the surgery of the hallux valgus and its reimbursement, contact the secretariat of Doctor Julien Lopez directly.